This street performer put on an impressive show of magic and fire-eating. Perhaps the most impressive thing about him is his ablity to put fire on his face without scorching his facial hair.

Lawrence Busker Festival!

May 26, 2016 0

The Lawrence Busker Festival is upon us! There’s no better time of the year in…


Well’s Overlook

May 14, 2016 0

From http://www.douglas-county.com/depts/pw/pw_countyparks.aspx – “Wells Park was donated in 1971 to Douglas County by William Well….

The dead walk at night.

A Lovely Evening with Zombies, Pt. 2

May 13, 2016 0

(Be sure to check out Pt. 1 of this infected story before proceeding…) A nurse!…

A view from the end of the pit at the 2016 Lawrence Downtown Shotput competition, part of the annual Kansas Relays.

2016 Downtown Olympic Shot Put

April 29, 2016 0

The 2016 Downtown Olympic Shot Put, in Lawrence, KS, had it’s fifth annual competition on…

Runner-up Jordan Scott clears the bar in the innagural Street Pole Vault event in Lawrence, KS.

Street-Vaulting the LFK

April 25, 2016 0

A part of the 89th annual Kansas Relays, the inaugural Street Pole Vault hosted over…

Do not say my name three times in a dark bathroom mirror; for I will haunt you.

A Lovely Evening with Zombies, Pt. 1

April 22, 2016 0

It was about 10 p.m. by my latest guess, I crouched down as far as…