Lawrence Busker Festival!

The Lawrence Busker Festival is upon us! There’s no better time of the year in Lawrence than this weekend to get out and practice your street photography. Mass St. will be lined with jugglers, fire-breathers, clowns, musicians, dancers and other various street performers.


This street performer put on an impressive show of magic and fire-eating. Perhaps the most impressive thing about him is his ablity to put fire on his face without scorching his facial hair.

There will be music, laughs, dancing and all sorts of oddities that will make this event one of the best in down-town Lawrence. There is no way you can walk down Mass St. this weekend and not smile.

Smiling musician!

Steve Mason, of the Alfred Packer Memorial String Band, smiles after performing at the 2015 Lawrence Busker Festival.

The photographic opportunities will be endless. You’ll be able to photograph the performers in their natural habitat. The festival is great for people watching, or people photographing!

Street musicians

Two members of the Tejon Sreet Corner Theives perform at the 2015 Busker Festival in Lawrence, KS.

Perhaps one of the most difficult things for families to do is to stay late to catch the night acts. Obviously, all of the walking and excitement can tire out the little ones (and the parents, of course). But since the festival is for three days, make sure to catch one of the headlining acts. Not all are ‘night’ acts, such as last year’s USA Breakdancers, but, damn, was that an awesome display. The below photo doesn’t do it justice, because this guy was flipping a lit cigarette in and out of his mouth; in the photo, it is in his mouth!

Street performers

USA Breakdancers perform at the Lawrence, KS Busker Festival for a large, Friday night crowd.

I planned to share many more photos from last year’s festival, many of which were recently processed. Unfortunately, I experienced a major hard-drive failure this week and have been unable to recover the data from said hard-drive. This was extremely traumatic for me, as I’ve lost every image I’ve taken in the last two plus years (including my wedding photos). Fortunately, I do still have some processed .jpgs that I can still share, as well as what I have on Flickr. I would be grateful if you would consider making your next Amazon purchase through my affiliate link, which is on the right hand side of every page on my site. A small portion of your purchase will be sent back to me. I plan to use any of these proceeds to fund the purchase of a new, more secure hard drive, as well as to support this site. Even though the link will send you to the camera section of Amazon, you can browse and purchase as usual from there. Many thanks for your consideration! Make sure to check out my post on Bandalonie before you head off to the festival. I hope to see you there!

Cajun street art done right!

Bandalonie performs at the 2015 Busker Festival in Lawrence, KS.

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