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Day 5 of #MyJune30

Today’s image shows a worker bee doing his thing on a Peony bush in my back yard. I shot this image handheld with Sony’s 55-210mm E-mount lens. Although not a true macro shot, I was able to achieve a nice bokeh with this lens fully extended to 210mm. Fully extended, it’s widest aperture is f/6.3, which typically doesn’t provide good bokeh, but telephoto lenses like this will compress the background, aiding in the softness of the out-of-focus area. I’ll keep saving my pennies if you keep using my Amazon affiliate links and soon I’ll be to get a real macro lens for even better close-up shots of really tiny things!

Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz

This pollen harvester was hard at work while I was snapping photos of him.

This image was shot using the Sony α6000 mirrorless camera with the Sony 55-210mm lens.

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