Haybales line the country-side.

Hay, you!

Driving along rural Kansas roads this time of year typically means you’ll start seeing these…everywhere. Especially if you have a commute you do everyday, you’ll be used to seeing large fields of tall grass and then all the sudden….gone. And replaced by large, round, plastic-covered haybales.

This photo was taken just south of Lecompton, KS, on a bright afternoon. After some basic color correction in Lightroom, I drove it through Topaz Labs’ Clarity plug-in and removed some detail. I did this in anticipation of the next step, running it through Topaz Labs’ Impression plug-in to give it an artsy feel. This time, I used a modified version of the Da Vinci pencil preset. I finished it off with a little cross processing. It’s fun to take photos, but it’s a blast to make photos!

Haybales line the country-side.

Haybales are starting to congregate on rural lands. What are they up to now?

This image was shot using the Sony α6000 mirrorless camera with a Sony power-zoom kit 16-50mm lens. Click the links to check them out on Amazon (affiliate links-a small portion of any sales goes to maintain the website).