Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Day 23 of #MyJune30

Today’s photo comes from the airport in Detroit. I had a layover, for only about 20 minutes, and the following is a little dialogue between a Delta representative and myself, after landing at Gate 78.

I walk up to a Delta rep at gate 71 and look down at my boarding pass. I sez: “Uh, this says my next flight takes off in about 20 minutes at Gate 2. Is that really 69 gates down?”

Delta agent, looking down the loooonnnngggg terminal, and seeming a little surprised by my obvious question: “Yep!”

Me: “Uh, okay.Thanks?”

Delta agent, laughing: “Don’t worry. Just go up that escalator and hop on the train. You’ll be down at the other end in about 3 minutes.”

Boy, was she right! That train moved fast! This photo was taken from the platform, above the main terminal area, where you board the train. You can see the tracks on the far left.

Overlooking the Detroit Airport.

Overlooking the airport from the train’s platform.

This image was shot using the Sony α6000 mirrorless camera with an Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 lens.

Sunrise at the Baker Wetlands Discovery Center.

Wetland Sunrise

Day 21 of #MyJune30

This image was taken a few weeks back and I’ve just not gotten to process it. All processing was done in Lightroom for this one. I was out chasing the sunrise and after a few locations, I didn’t feel that I had captured the beauty I was going for. I quickly made my way to the Baker Wetlands Discovery Center and parked outside, near the highway. I marched down the hill, tripod and camera bad in tow, and set up for this shot. The colors were changing so fast, I got a new shots that really look different, even though they were taken at the same spot, all within a fifteen minute span. Sunrises will always keep a photographer on his/her toes!

Sunrise at the Baker Wetlands Discovery Center.

Many colors show in the sky, and reflected in the water, during this sunrise at the Baker Wetlands Discovery Center in Lawrence, KS.

This image was shot using the Sony α6000 mirrorless camera with an Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 lens.

Moonlit Landscape

Moonlit Landscape

Day 12 of #MyJune30

This photo was taken about a mile south of Lawrence not too long after sunset. The landscape was lit by the crescent moon. The Milky Way wasn’t quite visible yet, but you can begin to see it above the tree on the left.

An early summer night in Kansas.

The waxing crescent moon lights the landscape and the Milky Way is just barely visible above the tree.

This image was shot using the Sony α6000 mirrorless camera with an Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 lens.

A Neighborhood Oasis

A Neighborhood Oasis

Day 7 of #MyJune30

The eastern Lawrence community pool sits unopened, after the first week of June.

Sadly, the pool was not opened on Memorial Day weekend, as it has for the past 50+ years.

Today’s photo was going to be accompanied by a sad story of our neighborhood pool that, for the first time in it’s 55 year history, would not open for the summer and would be sold to the highest bidder. I will not share that story with you today.

An empty pool waiting to be cleaned and filled.

With a little luck and a lot of elbow grease, the CFSC pool should be fixed up, cleaned up, painted and filled with water for everyone to enjoy by June 18!

According to a couple stories published recently in the Lawrence Journal-World, the cost of opening the County Fair Swim Club pool can exceed $15,000 each year. These funds are obtained through the very hard work of one woman, M. Pfeifer. I can’t even imagine the amount of work that must be done to raise that kind of money!

Only two bucks to get in!

The gate for admission to the County Fair Swim Club.

Published on May 25, 2016, was a touching story about how the pool would not open this year for the first time in it’s 55 year life. I know this was a touching story because I heard people talking about it. They were talking about it in the office and when I got a haircut last week, the barber even talked about it. The article really moved one man, in particular.

Wanna take a dip?

The County Fair Swim Club pool sits empty after Memorial Day.

Enter a very generous and kind soul. According to this LJWorld article, an anonymous donor has stepped up to the plate and has donated $10,000 to help get the pool ready for the kids this summer! According to the article, the donor wanted to give the money because he grew up in this neighborhood and has fond memories of jumping into the water at this pool every year as a kid. He wanted others to have those same, wonderful experiences.

Living in a red state, where our public school system is facing a shutdown in two weeks because of greedy politicians not working to properly fund the system (which is unconstitutional), these acts of kindness and giving seem less common these days. What a stark contrast for our children: thirty minutes away in Topeka, a large group of adults cannot compromise on how to fund our schools for this fall, and right here at home, one man has decided that our neighborhood kids must have a safe and fun environment to beat the summer heat.

CFSC Storage Shed

The storage shed of the CFSC that faces Maple Lane.

This donation really means a lot to my wife and I. We purchased our first home less than a year ago, and it’s less than a block away from the pool. Our daughter LOVED it last year. We were even planning on having her birthday party there last weekend. Luckily for us, our girl is only four and didn’t quite remember (we would not have heard the end of it) and so far, we haven’t had the heart to tell her that the pool won’t be opening this year. She’s very inquisitive and I would have had the hardest time explaining to her that the pool can’t open because of money. Rumor has it that the donor will be at the ‘Family Night’ party once the pool opens in a couple weeks. I hope to have the opportunity to shake his hand and thank him for what he was done for the neighborhood, and for what he has done for our daughter.

All images in this post were shot using the Sony α6000 mirrorless camera with an Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 lens.

Well’s Overlook

Well’s Overlook

Well's Overlook Tower

From atop the tower at Well’s Overlook, one an see for miles in all directions around the Lawrence, KS area.

From – “Wells Park was donated in 1971 to Douglas County by William Well. An observation tower offering a great scenic view of the City of Lawrence is the park’s main focal point. The park also contains a short nature trail for hiking. Follow the winding entry-road to the top of the hill to enter the parking lot. The park is located ¾ mile east of US 59 on the south side of County Route 458 (N. 1000 Road).”

This is one of my favorite outdoor spots in the Lawrence area. The view from atop the tower is awesome in all directions. It’s great for sunrises, as well as sunsets. It’s also a nice spot, not too far from town, to view the stars with less light pollution. Although not ideal, you can get some decent Milky Way photos out there. It’s typically not crowded. When my family and I watched the Persied meteor shower here last year, there were less than a half dozen people. The park has a small hiking trail, as well as picnic tables. Make sure to check it out if you’re in the Lawrence area!

This image was shot using the Sony α6000 mirrorless camera with a Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 lens and stabilized using the MeFoto Roadtrip tripod. Processing was done in Lightroom, Photoshop and Topaz Lab’s Impressions plug-in.

2016 Downtown Olympic Shot Put

2016 Downtown Olympic Shot Put

Downtown Lawrence Shotput

A view from the end of the pit at the 2016 Lawrence Downtown Shotput competition, part of the annual Kansas Relays.

The 2016 Downtown Olympic Shot Put, in Lawrence, KS, had it’s fifth annual competition on Friday, April 22 at the intersection of 8th and New Hampshire Streets. It’s really interesting to watch these large, hulking athletes hurl sixteen pound lead balls sometimes over 70 feet. It’s even more fun when it’s held in the middle of the street with beer and BBQ on site!

This event attracts a pretty good crowd everything and this year’s weather was perfect. A stage was set up for a band after the competition. There were inflatable games for the kids, as well as food, drink and delicious shaved ice treats.

This photo is a three-image, handheld HDR shot. I processed the 32-bit image in Lightroom before taking it into the NIK Collection’s Color Efex Pro. Shot with a Sony α6000 mirrorless camera with a Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 lens.